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The high-level illusion of the biggest Swedish legend, was formed in 1999.  Their first success was not long in coming. After only a short time found themselves in Spain, they traveled throughout the south-west coast of Europe. From 2000 to 2005 they traveled and toured continuously abroad.

This touring was interrupted by the desire for a family. They have returned back again to the concert stages after two years.

The basic quartet is supplemented by the bass guitar player and the drummer which makes the band to perform without any backing tracks, being completely live production. Six people singing on the stage, full vocal performance, perfect choreography in authentic costumes

will make even greater impression of the concert. They have been recreating the magic of ABBA concerts throughout Europe in Spain,

Portugal, France, Belgium, Estonia, Netherlands, Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary and worldwide. More than two million

spectators at over five thousand concerts enjoyed the unique atmosphere of their production.

Many times proven world show will take you to this wonderful, magical journey to yesterday.


Today’s flight brings quick and short routes, which usually ignore the interests of others, and which violate all the licensing and legal standards.

Do not respect other road users, and the sole purpose of the journey is to enforce at all costs.When creating music production in 1999,

we had a different vision. Making music with integrity. Despite all the life and professional obstacles to care what about

the interpersonal relationships. The proof that we do it properly is also more than 15 years career and global action.

We went so far that we have written about our activities to the original members of ABBA.

We have been not afraid from the complex process validations activities,

and today we communicate regularly with their legal department.

We are one of the few musical productions in the world that shares the legal protection of original production. 

This is the main reason why, following our guidelines, the organizer will have not any legal problems in relationship to our production,

as with the most of competing bands would have.


Despite the daily technical progress we decided to authenticity. We forget about all the technical refunds of instrumentalists.

At our artistic performances we do not use any vocal simulators, digital voice harmonics editing tones, music or any supporting backing tracks.

Thanks to our voice diversity and range of colors we can afford to offer the audience an authentic voice speech of the original keys and without other accompanying vocalists. The quality of the musicians will satisfied any of discerning listener about the credibility of artistic expression.


The pricing policy is based on several aspects. We are well aware of the quantity and the quality of the competitive environment.

The difference is not only in the actual music performance. The difference we see for example, in marketing support, ownership

and individual training of every concert. We have taken into account the commercial and sociological surveys.

Another aspect is in a legal protection of the original production of ABBA. The negligible this is our artistic peak condition, which we maintain continuously. In spite of everything we stand firmly on our feet, and offer to our clients the ideal price-quality ratio.


From the very first contact through to production till the monitoring feedback is our approach professional and transparent.

We care for every detail in advance and we are trying to define and comply with all the terms.

Of course there is a proactive approach that will always produce the expected results and perfect experience.

All of our advertising and marketing tools can be used by the organizer.

Our priority is to support partner in every way.


However we are explicitly the concert production, we can revive any festival, television shows, theater stage, ballroom program or corporate event.

We are opened to any unusual projects as well.

From a commercial perspective, there are several arguments that play in our favor:

  • more than 100 cities, more than 5 000 concerts, more than 5 000 000 viewers

  • oversight of the legal protection of copyright by the original production of ABBA

  • excellent dramaturgy based on a credible presence and perfect choreography in authentic costumes

  • fully live musical accompaniment without any supporting backing tracks

  • full vocal performance in the form of six voice harmony

  • speaking Slovak, English or Spanish

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